Visa Laws Hitting Families

Recently published research has suggested that nearly half of all British employees within the UK are unable to live with their spouse from outside the UK, as a result of anti-immigration laws.

The laws, introduced by the Home Secretary in 2012, mean that anyone earning less than £18,600 per year are unable to apply for either spousal visas or family visas; meaning that many UK citizens are prevent from living with their loved ones.

A spousal visa, which is also known as a marriage visa, allows people married to British citizens to enter the country in order to live with their partner; whilst a family visa is similar although it applies to dependant relatives such as children.

An impact assessment conducted by the Home Office, suggested that just under 18,000 family visas would be affected by the laws; however, according to estimates, as a result of the laws, 47 percent of British employees are unable to live with their loved ones, due to not earning enough to meet the threshold.

The research has also suggested that those living in the North-West, South-West and Wales reportedly most likely to be affected.

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