Visa System Faces Criticism

Campaigners have recently suggested that visa rules for domestic workers are “licensing slavery” within the UK.

Figures suggest that last year roughly 15,000 domestic workers entered the UK with their foreign workers. However, since April 2012, those entering the UK as a domestic worker with their foreign employer, are tied to the employer, and as such they are unable to switch employers.

The Home Office have suggested that the rules were introduced to ensure that domestic workers only stayed in the UK on a temporary basis; but added that domestic workers do have access to protection via employment laws.

However, according to campaigners those entering the UK as domestic workers with foreign workers on a tied visa are unable to change employers when things go wrong; nor are they able to renew their visas.

Statistics published by a charity have also suggested that 62 percent of domestic workers on tied visas are unlikely to receive a salary from their employers; compared to 14 percent on an original visa.

Meanwhile, a Lords Committee has suggested that the current immigration visa system within the UK is overly complicated, and is having a damaging effect on the UK’s creative economy.

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