Whiplash Reforms Reduce Insurance Premiums

Earlier this week, it was revealed that optimism surrounding future whiplash reforms, has helped to reduced insurance premiums within the UK.

Previously, the government have announced that they are committed to tackling the “whiplash culture” which has crept into the UK, by introducing independent medical panels, later this year, who will assess whiplash claims.

In addition, the government have also confirmed that they are still looking at whether to increase the existing £1,000 threshold for small claims; and as a result it has been revealed that for the first time in five years, the average comprehensive insurance premiums have fallen below £600.

Meanwhile, along with insurance premiums falling as a result of planned whiplash claim reforms; it has also been suggested that counselling could be as effective in treating whiplash, as physical therapy.

The latest claims come following a study of over 100 people who had experienced whiplash-related pain for a minimum of three months.

Whilst the latest figures have suggested that insurance premiums are falling as a result of whiplash reforms; and that counselling may be as effective in treating whiplash-related pain; as personal injury solicitors, we understand and appreciate that issues which can arise from whiplash injuries caused as a result of a road traffic accident.

This is why we are on hand to offer those who have suffered such an injury, tailored, honest and impartial legal advice; and through our personal injury service, our solicitors assess each case individually before advising if we can assist with a compensation claim, and the process that is required.

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