Worker Forced to Retire Following Workplace Injury

According to reports from earlier this month, a nursing assistant from Lincolnshire has been required to retire from work, following injuries suffered in a workplace incident.

Whilst restraining a patient, with another colleague, the nursing assistant suffered torn cartilage in his lower back – which led to hospital treatment, physiotherapy and acupuncture being required.

However, despite receiving treatment for the injury and having five months off work in the year following the incident, the nursing assistant still suffers severe pain, and is unable to conduct manual tasks – meaning he is no longer capable of carrying out the duties required as a nursing assistant.

As such, the injured individual has been required to retire on health grounds; and as such has been awarded in excess of £13,000 in injury compensation.

As personal injury solicitors, we understand and appreciate the consequences of injuries sustained within the workplace – and we are all to well aware that such injuries can, as in the case above, result in the individual no longer being able to work.

This is why, for those who have been injured in a workplace accident which was not their fault; our injury solicitors are on hand to offer honest, impartial and tailored advice – to guide them through the legal process of making a claim for compensation.

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